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Achievements to date


Kamp Kiwanis

Kamp Kiwanis to assist in the safety and first aid training of their counsellors for the summer. Operated by Calgary Kiwanis, Kamp Kiwanis provides camping experiences for youth in the Calgary area who might not be able to afford to have an outdoor camping experience.


Ghost River Rediscovery Society

Ghost River Rediscovery Society for three staff members to take training in Wilderness First Aid and share their learning of managing risk in outdoor environments with the staff and young people they work with

Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership Program

Mount Royal University for a final year student in the Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership Program to conduct a preliminary study of the barriers to and opportunities for children and their families to experience and appreciate the natural areas within the Calgary area. This was done with supervision from Calgary Area Outdoor Council and this study is to be the first step towards a pilot project in selected Calgary schools.


Canadian Diabetes Association

The Canadian Diabetes Association received support this year from David Elton Outdoor Fund for one of their staff to take risk management training through an organization such as National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).  This will enhance the organization’s understanding and practice of risk management related to their summer camps for children and youth with diabetes.


Outdoor Council of Canada

The Outdoor Council of Canada received the DEOF grant for developing awareness and relationships with individuals and organizations across Canada for the purpose of jointly encouraging public participation in safe and healthy physical activities.


Fraser-Cascade Mountain School

Fraser-Cascade Mountain School, an outdoor experience program in B.C. received the grant to run an “Introduction to the Backcountry” course for youth, their parents and the community.


Outdoor Council of Canada

The Outdoor Council of Canada received the grant to continue to develop national standards for outdoor leaders

Bow River Basin Council

Bow River Basin Council used the grant for their River Watch “Safety Management Planning and Communications Workshop”

Enviros Wilderness School

Enviros Wilderness School used the grant to have a consultant review their Wilderness Policy and Procedure Manual and all the risk management practices within the organization

University of Calgary

The Bio-geosciences Institute received funding to attend the Risk in Education Workshop in Ontario. DEOF funding also supported a stakeholder workshop organized to review the creation of a National Outdoor organization for the improvement of health, recreation and education in Canada. As a result, the Outdoor Council of Canada was incorporated with the mission to promote and enable safe and accessible education and recreation in the outdoor environment.


Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area 

This organization had participated in the DEOF Safety Management Workshop in 2006. To continue work begun at this workshop, this organization used a grant to support a safety audit workshop. This workshop identified health and safety issues leading the development of Health and Safety Policy in 2008.

2nd annual DEOF Safety Management Workshop

Due to the success of the 2006 event, the DEOF was pleased to support a 2nd workshop for non-formal service providers.


Enviros Wilderness School  

This organization received a DEOF grant to have their safety program audited. Visit the Enviros Wildrenss Association website.

DEOF Safety Management workshop

DEOF gave a grant to the University of Calgary Kananaskis Field Station to run a safety workshop for non-formal outdoor and experiential education service providers.


Western Canada Camping Association

Members of the DEOF steering committee presented the video, “Outdoor safety: We’re All Responsible” at the Western Canada Camping Association Conference.

Ghost River Rediscovery  

The DEOF grant provided funding for additional safety training initiatives at Ghost River Rediscovery Camp. This funding was used to support several leaders taking Wilderness First Aid training.

Safety labels

DEOF steering committee members used the grant to produce 2500 safety labels designed to be attached to backpacks and other personal outdoor equipment. The labels list a number of tips intended to reassure and assist any youth who may find themselves lost in the outdoors.

“Pack a Safety Mindset”

DEOF steering committee members published “Pack a Safety Mindset” – tips on outdoor safety- in several community newsletters in Calgary.


Global Environment and Outdoor Education Conference

A member of the DEOF Steering committee presented the DEOF video to educators at the Global Environment and Outdoor Education Conference in Nordegg, Alberta.


Video Production

DEOF steering committee members partnered with the Mount Royal College Communications Department to design and produce the 16 minute video “Outdoor Safety: We’re All responsible”. The video, with discussion notes, was publicly launched in November 2003 and is available for sale through The Calgary Foundation .It is also available for loan at the Calgary Public Library.

Bursaries for Mount Royal College Communication students 

The DEOF grant established three one-year bursaries with the criteria of community service for Mount Royal College Communications students (for the 2003/4, 2004/5 and 2005/6 academic years).


Girl Guides of Canada and Scouts Canada

The DEOF grant provided 10 bursaries for Scouting and Guiding leaders to participate in a Wilderness Safety Basics Course conducted by the University of Calgary Outdoor Education Program.

2001 - 2009

Scouts Canada www.scouts.ca/

Members of the DEOF Steering committee designed and co-chaired a workshop for Scout leaders and parents on outdoor safety practices.